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Rant about Life

I didn't go to the gym today as I still seem to have a sore throut and even though I was in bed for a long time... well I still feel tired.

So I'm in a depression spiral... of not feeling well so feeling bad for not going to the gym...

Also the reason I slept a good amount last night was because I did a favor for work, which was unappriecated. One of my punk co-workers forgot that he had the SATs on Saturday, so he called FRIDAY NIGHT to tell management that he couldn't open on Saturday. I was by the phone... and I was like, Oh I'd be willing to open... So after working until 10pm, I came home... looked for my badge, couldn't find it, and didn't get to sleep until AFTER midnight as I kept having to blow my nose and otherwise deal with not feeling well. Then I got up at about 6:30 am, and went to work.
Now since I couldn't find my id AND I was there two hours or so before the store opened... I ended up trying to get a temp badge from museum security. Which took 5 min., then I had to walk downstairs, back to the back of the musuem, upstairs to the backroom and the secuirty lock of the backroom- which didn't open for me... so I had to go BACK to the security guy- wait for him to deal with the campers and then ask for another badge... and while waiting I called into the store in hopes that the opening ass't manager was inside... which he was.
I sorta asked/told the guy who I did this for that he owed me two bucks as I ended up getting a hot choco to help wake me up( staying away from soda) and he was like "oh yeah, thanks". That was all the thanks I got from him.

Still pissed at the MBTA- basically the NEW 'turnstiles' that the MBTA got were suppose to STOP people from getting 'free' rides and stiffing the T.... Well the new ones actually make it EASIER. I put turnstile in '' because instead of having the metal bar- the new turnstile has two glass plates that seperate when you pay, and they stay open due to a pressure sensitive plate or something beneath them. So if you have someone stand inbetween the gates while open... you can get a lot of people in. Now granted the device DOES make a noise to alert a T person that the 'turnstile' is being 'jumped' BUT if you don't have a MBTA person there- well the point then becomes moot.
Yup- at one of my stops, there is rarely a MBTA person there AND the 'turnstile' seems not to be working properly... For a bit more tmi- There is now a charlie CARD( plastic ATM type thing) which you have to get from a person and a charlie TICKET. The ticket is dispensed by the Machines, costs about 30 cents MORE and doesn't seem to be always taken by the turnstiles.
So I got a charlie ticket because I bought my monthly pass from a machine; I wasn't charged more but I didn't know that it would be a problem... See the turnstiles near my work have for THREE times this month failed to take my charlie ticket- saying it will ONLY take the charlie card. And each time I've just waited until someone with a charlie CARD has come by and then 'jumped' the turnstile and told others with charlie tickets to do the same.

Also unhappy about the game store. Mimimum wage is going up to $7.50 an hour here in Ma. so I asked my manager IF my off the books pay could go up from say $6 an hour to $7. I didn't mind the store paying me less for me taking CASH but I sorta wanted a bit more CASH- esp. as I usually outsell the Saturday guy there.
They decided that if THEY had to pay me as a business expense- on a regular basis... then I should be ON THE BOOKS. I feel this sucks as a) I will then be taxed on the money I get there... and b) instead of getting my money at the end of the day- I'll have to wait two weeks for it and take their check to my bank( as they don't believe in direct deposit).

Started this blog before I went to work... still tired but had a nice day and am doing a small load of laundry as while I haven't found my badge( and dread paying $5 to replace it). Odds are will go to sleep at an exceddingly decent time arround 10pm as I'm tired... and my throut hurts( forgot to get hals)
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